Quite the Number

2009 Rio Bravo remix / Download

This Christmas

2008 Micah McGraw remix / Download



Tricerapop was a collaboration with Nate Dumas. We wrote a song a week for 3 months. The end result is raw, sloppy, eclectic, and was very fun to make

Janine (mp3)

Listen to the entire album on Bandcamp

The Four Trees

The Four Trees

2008 album / 50 handmade copies with Artwork by Micah McGraw / Mixed and Mastered by Jayson Belt.

Tracks: The Grand Canyon / We Write Short Stories / Spanish Girl / Why / Sofia / Darlin' / The Fourth Tree (mp3)


2007 Timmy Curran remix / Download

The Mail Must Go Through

2007 DMH remix / Download

Begrimed and Blinking

Begrimd and Blinking

2006 album / 50 handmade copies with individually numbered woodblock print

Tracks: Prolgue (The Introduction) / On Sitting in a Park, 8 AM / Home / Blackberries and Coffee in Vancouver / Now That Things Have Turned About We Can Continue as Planned / The Night / Epilogue

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