Mouse & the Mixtape

Mouse and the Mixtape

From 2004 to 2011, Mouse & the Mixtape was a monthly documentation of the role music plays in our lives. This song-based audio-biography tracked changes in taste, changes in location, vacations, emotional highs and lows, the birth of children, natural disasters, and other important events. Each song means something special, and each mixtape tells a story. These are the songs that remind us of where we've been and what we've experienced. They are a glimpse in to our life.

July, 2010

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July  2010 Mixtape
  1. Changeling - DJ Shadow
  2. Convertible Balloon - Wavves
  3. Sur le Pont d'Avignon - Claire Diterzi
  4. Dallas - The Flatlanders
  5. Dock Ellis' No-No - Chuck Brodsky
  6. We Used to be Friends - The Dandy Warhols
  7. Appetite for Life - Emily and Micah McGraw
  8. Sip Slidin' Away - Paul Simon
  9. Waiting Room - Fugazi
  10. Ready to Start - Arcade Fire

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