The Gesture-Control Exploration

the gesture control exploration - version 2

The Gesture-Controller Exploration is a study of innovative musical instrument / controllers that investigates the relationship between movement, physical space and musical performance. These controllers combine a musical software suite built in Max/Msp with an intuitive physical form to create a rich musical experience. Dipping, swinging, swaying, tilting, and turning the The Gesture-Controller sends signals to the computer running the audio software, informing its sound-making functions. This allows for a more satisfying performance, leveraging the power of the computer and helping the electronic musician to use physical means to create and manipulate digital electronic sounds in new and interesting ways.

gestureSoft, built in Max/MSP


The gestureSoft Software which controls all of the music-making functionality of the gestureController was built in Max/Msp. It has several functions that can be chosen and controlled by the controller without the user ever having to touch the computer, inluding:

  • Random Note Generator
  • Synthesizer | Video Demonstration
  • Volume, Effect, and Mute Control
  • Sampler with jogging, looping, and reverse effects | Video Demonstration
  • Theremin
  • Recordable Looper

Supplemental Material

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