Box/Woods is an installation that puts the listener in the role of sonic anthropologist. A collection of handmade wooden boxes are carefully arranged in a space in small clusters. Each microcosmic community makes a curious song based on a specific but unstated dataset. Wandering through the space, the user discerns differences among the communities of boxes. Some may play discordant melodies. Some may play more loudly, quicker, more complex patterns. Each representation of the theme may be experienced in isolation or with the groups as a whole, allowing the listener to be an outsider in a structured and orderly world with its own rules and relationships. This experience may be relaxing, inspiring, or confusing depending on how the listener interprets the sounds made from the communities and their relationship to each other.

Box/Woods was written for and featured at the 2016 SEAMUS Conference at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA


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